Functional ReEducation

Functional ReEducation focuses on teaching the patient breathing, posture, range of motion, while creating strength and stability throughout the kinetic chains. During the Functional ReEducation program, patients learn the necessary exercises to reestablish positive muscle memory, correct muscle compensations, and limit muscle imbalances. The exercises taught within the program mimic releases the doctors perform; giving you the tools necessary to become more in control of your body rather than being controlled by your body.

Goals of Functional ReEducation

1) Understand form, technique and application of all exercises and stretches.

2) Achieve and maintain good posture in all activities.

3) Establish postural and deep core stability.

4) Increase proprioception and body control.

5) Improve range of motion and functional tensility.

6) Reestablish positive muscle memory and muscle recruitment.

7) Diminish and eventually eliminate muscle imbalances and overcompensation.

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Hip 20Stretches 20copy

Knee 20Stretches 20copy

Lower 20Leg 20Stretches 20copy

Neck 20Stretches 20copy

Shoulder 20Stretches 20copy

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