Services Provided

1) Initial Exam (60 minute appointment; $225-325)

During the Initial Exam, the doctor will spend an hour assessing your total body for current conditions, root causes, and what he can or cannot treat. Since the doctor will be testing your range of motion, please wear athletic clothing that allows for unrestricted movement. If you walk or run, please bring your athletic shoes to this appointment as well. If you have any recent MRIs or X-rays, please bring a copy of the report with you. New Patient Paperwork needs to be completed prior to your appointment.

2) Active Care Treatment (30 minute appointment; $129-175)

The goal with Active Care is to resolve inflammation, irritation, and pain as well as release nerve impingement, joint dysfunctions, and muscle dysfunctions. Treatment will include spinal and extremity adjustments, fascial release, and various other techniques depending upon the condition.
Each person and each condition is different, therefore the number of Active Care sessions will vary per person and per condition. Your doctor will discuss your plan.

3) Active Care/Functional ReEducation (60 minute appointment; $231)

It takes the human body 6-8 weeks to adapt to any type of training program and see results. Your doctor will take you through a personalized training plan that focuses on reeducating and rebuilding your body into the right joint and muscle patterns. You'll focus on proper breathing technique, proper posture, and on stabilizing, strengthening, and balancing total body functionality. Please wear athletic clothing and your doctor approved shoes to each of these appointments.

4) Progress Exam (30 minute appointment; $50-200)

Please schedule this visit if you have not seen a doctor in 6 months or greater or if you have a new concern.
Your doctor will perform an examination and will treat your concern during the visit if appropriate.