Functional ReEducation Exercises

Proprioception and Kinetic Chain ReEducation uses a sequence of exercises that build upon one another progressively becoming more challenging. This progression series promotes continued gains throughout the program while building stability, strength, and proprioception.

Functional ReEducation exercises develop the stability needed in the core and postural muscles in order to maintain proper alignment of the body during all activities. These exercises support the chiropractic work by mimicking the releases the doctors perform on you; giving you the ability to be in control of your body rather than feeling controlled by your body.

Benefits of Proprioception and Kinetic Chain Training

1) Develops strength and stability in the hips, knees, and ankles.

2) Promotes proper alignment and good posture.

3) Establishes strength and stability in the deep core postural muscles.

4) Limits muscle imbalances and overcompensations.

5) Guides the muscles in proper muscles positions.

6) Improves efficiency of dynamic movement.