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New Patients, Two Steps...

Step 1:

Please click HERE

The link above will take you to fill out the online Initial Exam paperwork.

During the Initial Exam, the doctor will spend an hour discussing all of your concerns, performing a full spine and full extremity neuromusculoskeletal exam.
The doctor will determine if treatment is appropriate during your first visit, however there are times where imaging (MRI, X-Ray) is necessary.

Please bring all of your MRI &/or x-ray reports.

Please come dressed in athletic clothing and bring your running shoes if you would like them assessed.

Step 2:

Check your email.

You will receive a link to Schedule.

Once you have completed the Initial Exam paperwork you will receive an email to the email adress that you provided. That email will contain a link that will allow you to schedule your Initial Exam.

You may also call our office to schedule.

We are here to help, please call if you need anything.

Print & call option:

You may also print the Initial Exam paperwork, fill it out, and call our office to schedule your appointment.

Again, if you have any questions or trouble, please call our office.

New Patient Paperwork

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