Functional ReEducation

3) Functional ReEducation (30 minute appointment; $56-114)


It takes the human body 6-8 weeks to adapt to any type of training program and see results. Your doctor will take you through a personalized training plan that focuses on reeducating and rebuilding your body into the right joint and muscle patterns. You'll focus on proper breathing technique, proper posture, and on stabilizing, strengthening, and balancing total body functionality. Please wear athletic clothing and your doctor approved shoes to each of these appointments.

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During this 30 minute session, your doctor will teach you different techniques, like rolling and contract/relax stretching, that you can utilize to maintain your muscle and joint mobility. Mobility is a key to decreasing risk of injury as well as becoming more athletic. By giving your muscles the opportunity to use their full Range of Motion (ROM) you will help decrease the stress and strain on your musculo-skeletal system. Learn the techniques so that you can be empowered to fix your own sports injury

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Please also see the Functional ReEducation area of our site.